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Get Out of the Kitchen and Into Your Life

Let Me Prepare Your Meals

Preparing meals can be time-consuming, especially for busy families, seniors, and anyone who would rather have someone cook for them. Good news is, you can now have sumptuous meals and no-stress dinners with my help.

My name is Chef Briellen Wolchik, owner of Sweet & Savory. I offer home personal chef and catering services so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with

your family. 


Why Hire a Personal Chef?

Are you like the individuals and families who typically hire me to prepare their meals?

  • Your schedule is insanely busy with personal and professional commitments.
  • You don't enjoy cooking as much as other activities that you'd rather do.
  • Takeout food has become boring and expensive.
  • Meals are repetitive because you only know how to cook a few dishes.
  • Cooking for a special diet is too challenging.
  • Recovering from an illness or surgery makes shopping, cooking, and cleaning up unattainable.
  • You are a new mom and would rather focus on your needs and the needs of your baby than cook.
  • You are a college student and can't remember the last time you had a healthy meal.

Meals are personally delivered to you fully cooked, making it the easier choice than your national home delivery meal prep kits. You know your chef and where she buys her food locally.

Do You Want the Joy of Eating Well?

A personal chef can transform the way you think about meals. Here are the benefits my clients enjoy the most:

  • Freshly prepared nutritious meals that are cooked and ready to eat within minutes
  • Taste you'll savor and appreciate, because the ingredients are fresh
  • Gain control of the food you eat by consuming less fat, carbs, and sugar
  • No more meat and produce spoiling in the refrigerator
  • Less stress and more free time to do the things you truly enjoy
  • Satisfy your craving for your favorite cuisines or explore new ones

A happier, healthier life really is possible. It all starts by partnering with me as your personal chef!


What is the difference between a personal chef and a private chef?

A private chef typically works for one individual or family full-time and it is sometimes on a live-in basis. As a personal chef, I work with several clients to provide customized meals for the clients’ requests and dietary requirements.

Is the service expensive?

When you consider the time it takes to shop, cook, and clean up for each meal, the cost of enjoying a fine home-cooked gourmet meal care of a personal chef is quite reasonable. It really is not more expensive than buying a meal out at a restaurant or for takeout from a gourmet specialty shop, yet you are getting a healthy meal with no preservatives and the peace of mind knowing who prepared your meal.

What does the service include?

The price of service includes:

  • Client consultation and food questionnaire
  • Personalized menu research and planning
  • Shopping for needed ingredients
  • Cooking, packaging, labeling, and heating instructions
  • Delivery and storage 

What is not included in the service price? 

Costs not associated with the service include:

          • Container/packaging fee that will be assessed once we discuss your storage preference

How are the meals stored and packaged?

That is entirely up to you. Depending on your needs, the meals can either be stored in the refrigerator or freezer, and either packaged individually or family-style. Some meals freeze better than others, so this will be something that I will discuss with you when you choose your menu.

At our first consultation, we will discuss what kind of packaging works best for you, whether plastic reusable containers or glass Pyrex.

Pyrex glass is reusable and environmentally sound. Pyrex glass doesn’t warp, stain, absorb odor, or interact with food. It is safe for your microwave and oven use. I can purchase the two sets for you at your expense. The initial set is between $35-$50, depending on the service you choose.

Disposables are less expensive and can be used several times before needing some replacing. They are less likely to break on you. Two sets will be needed for packaging. I will pick up the clean containers from the last service date in order to reuse them. Your containers will be kept separate from other families so there will be no chance of mixing up.

How difficult is it to reheat the meals?

Heating meals is very easy and convenient. Depending on the type of dish and desired storage method, the entrées can be heated in your microwave, conventional oven, or on the stovetop. I will give you detailed heating instructions for each entrée and side dish to ensure that each item is reheated properly.

What if I have a special diet I must follow?

I can work with you to accommodate your special dietary needs, whether low-fat, low-salt, low-carb, or gluten-free. An additional fee may need to be added on if there are special foods to be purchased for your particular diet plain.

My Company’s Mission

With a passion for cooking using food with natural flavors and ingredients, Sweet & Savory’s goal is to prepare and deliver high-quality, sustainable, and great-tasting meals without adding a ton of preservatives and GMOs. Our mission is to make the experience as easy as takeout but more nutritious as heat-and-eat.


My Story

Sweet & Savory is my vision. I created my personal chef and catering services with a special brand of home-style and gourmet cooking. Each month, I will be bringing a new option in the menu, combining seasonal choices to come up with mouthwatering dishes.

During the 1970s, my family and I lived in the Vermont countryside of Stowe and Morrisville. We cooked meals from scratch on a daily basis. Every time we were cooking, I remember feeling calm and happy every time. Cooking was our family’s pastime, and it was fun.

Having worked in restaurants from high school to college, my love for cooking grew. I was inspired by positive catering experiences, so I opted for formal training at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, where I graduated top of my class.

After graduation, with some luck and perseverance, I won a prestigious position where I would work under 4-star chef and author Jean-Georges Vongerichten at the Mercer Kitchen in SoHo.

After spending 2 years at the Mercer, I created my first personal chef service company, The Garden Gourmet, in Hunterdon County, New Jersey in 2008. Over the next 7 years, I built up my business, The Garden Gourmet bistro, bakery, and coffee shop, to the point of needing a space of my own. =

Although my company received rave reviews, the cost of running a small business led me to eventually shutting it down. I brought the business back to being a home personal chef and catering service company.

Longing for home, I moved back from New Jersey and settled down at the heart of Morrisville in 2016. I took a job at the mountain as a pastry chef, looking ahead to starting up my personal chef and catering business once again. Now, I introduce my latest endeavor: Sweet & Savory, centrally located in Stowe and Morrisville, Vermont. 


When I heard that my former personal chef was going back to being a personal chef , I had to chime in. Chef Briellen Restaurant was

next to my Antique shop so I ate lunches almost everyday. Always good Quality food. When she closed her restaurant the town, as well

as myself, really missed her. She then offered a personal chef serves, I could not respond fast enough. She Planned our weekly menu,

delivered the food and everything was absolutely delicious!! When she said that She was moving, my first thought was to have her ship

food frozen to me overnight. She is that Good...

Laura Woodcox, New Jersey

I highly recommend Chef Briellen! She cooked for us for 10+ years and only stopped because she moved away. We are vegan and she worked hard to cook us healthful vegan meals that were also delicious! We always found her to be trustworthy and professional. It was a pleasure working with her!

K.S. Chester, New Jersey

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